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O'KEY is one of Russia's largest food retailers. The Company's key retail format is a city hypermarket combining the features of an easily accessible large-format store with those of a convenience shop sitting in the heart of a residential area. Supermarkets operating under the O'KEY brand support the main format, while our online store helps develop the Company’s new e-commerce channel. O’KEY opened its first hypermarket in St Petersburg in 2002. Today, the Company runs over 100 stores in Russia’s major cities, with their total sales floor area exceeding 500,000 sq m.

If you are are looking to become our partner, please fill in the below tenant questionnaire so that we could learn more about your lease preferences and come up with the best offer. Once your application has been approved, our lease manager will call you or send you our commercial offer by e-mail. If an application form has been rejected, O’KEY reserves the right not to inform the applicant about the relevant decision.


To submit your commercial offer, please fill in the designated online form.

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Anti-Corruption Policy
In its operating activities and partner relations, O’KEY Group adheres to the highest standards of transparency, business integrity and zero tolerance towards corruption.
Eschew any actions that could qualify as active/passive bribery or commercial bribery, or actions which could be considered in breach of the applicable domestic and international anti-money laundering laws and regulations.
Do not offer or pay, either directly or indirectly, any money, things of value or services to the O’KEY Group employees in an attempt to sway their course of action or decision-making in such a way as to secure an improper advantage or achieve improper goals.
Avoid situations which could qualify as a conflict of interest pursuant to the applicable laws.
Should you have grounds to suspect that any of the above violations could happen in the past or might happen in the future, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail sb@okmarket.ru or phone +7 (909) 995-12-13 and provide all the necessary details for us to verify them.